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BikevsAuto AccidentColorado is a great place for almost any outdoor activity, especially bicycling. In the Denver Metro area alone there is more than 850 miles of bicycling trails. Because of the vast network of trails it is important to know your rights if you are hurt in a bicycle accident. In the article below we will cover the following topics as it relates to a bicycle accident:



Colorado New Bike Law:
Anyone who has spent time bicycling in Colorado has probably experienced the spine-tingling fear of a passing motorist who comes too close for comfort. Have you ever been buzzed by a car that gets too close to you when you are riding your bike on the road? As cyclists in Colorado for many years, several of the Denver injury lawyers at the Mintz Law Firm, LLC know that experience of cars getting too close for comfort. Several Mintz Law Firm, LLC clients as well as a Mintz Law Firm, LLC accident attorney and cyclist, have been hit by side view mirrors when cars fail to leave enough space for the bike riders-so this particular hazard is of great concern to our personal injury law firm.

Bike Accident DenverFortunately, a new Colorado law gives cyclists more room on the roads. This new bicycle law gives cyclists a three foot cushion when cars pass bikes on the road. There are other provisions in the new law which give protection to cyclists as well. The new law becomes effective on August 5, 2009.

The new law can be found in the Colorado statutes at section 42-4-1002, on the Colorado Legislature Site under Senate Bill 09-148 or can be downloaded from our website Colorado New Bicycle Law.



This new bicycle law provides more safe and bike-friendly rules for bicycles and cars on public roads.

Here are the key provisions of the new Colorado bicycle law:

The law gives drivers more flexibility to safely pass a bicyclist by allowing them to cross the center-line when it is safe to do so.

Lane Position:
The law gives bicyclists the ability to ride as far right as is safe. Also, on one-way roads with more than one lane, bicyclists may also ride as far left as is safe.

The law clarifies that bicyclists may pass one another or ride side-by-side if they are not impeding the normal flow of traffic.

The law makes throwing any object, such as a beer can, at a bicyclist a misdemeanor crime, and also makes driving towards a bicyclist in a dangerous manner a careless driving offense.

Our bike accident attorneys understand the dangers cyclists face because we are cyclists.

Our passion for cycling and our passion for the law means that cyclists have a knowledgeable friend to consult when they are out on the road and an incident occurs.

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