Safety Tips in The Workplace

It is very important that employees are staying safe in the workplace. Many accidents happen every year that can be easily prevented with a little extra work and effort. Our work comp attorneys at Mintz Law Firm have gathered some tips that may just help you prevent an accident or injury! Accidents and emergency situations… Read more »

Drinking and Driving Accidents Colorado

Every year, thousands of people die because of the irresponsible behavior of driving under the influence of alcohol, and many thousands more suffer personal injuries that extremely change their lives forever. In the state of Colorado, 249 people died in 2004 as a result of drinking and driving according to the state’s Department of Transportation…. Read more »

Boating Safely – Boat Accident Attorneys

Whether you are swimming or boating in the state of Colorado, it’s very important to be safe and smart while you’re out on the water, because serious and disabling accidents can happen there. Our Colorado boating accident attorneys have researched some helpful tips that should help keep you safe while enhancing your boating experience.  … Read more »

Dog Bite Accident Prevention

For many Americans their canine companion is practically a member of the family. Dogs are “man’s best friend,” after all. Even so, a wide variety of circumstances lead to dog bites in Colorado and across the US and the consequent need for a dog bite lawyer. Here is a little information everyone should take note of –… Read more »

Teenage Driving Accidents Colorado

Teenagers face increased risks and dangers over other drivers. Car accidents remain the leading cause of death among teenagers at the national and state level. But those fatalities appear to be going down overall. Teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 are 4 times more likely to get into accidents while driving than the… Read more »

Aurora Firefighter Dies in Bike Accident

The following article is an example of how even when you do everything right, someone you have no control over may not be paying attention. Many people are injured in accidents everyday which they did not cause, had no control over, and are left with life changing injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney can be… Read more »

Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado

A significant amount of people die every year in motorcycle accidents in Colorado. Our motorcycle accident attorneys have taken the time to offer a word of advice and some tips for riding safe on Colorado roads: Motorcycle accident fatalities in the state of Colorado continue to increase at a rather high rate every year; 1… Read more »


It is always a pleasure to receive positive feedback on our cases here at the Mintz Law Firm. Whether positive or negative we like receiving feedback on what we are doing well at our firm and improvements that can be made. This client was very satisfied with his experience at our work comp firm and… Read more »


Nothing to thumb your nose at!   In a very recent case Attorneys at the Mintz Law Firm obtained a very favorable settlement for a client who was hurt on the job. Like almost every case you try to go at alone the insurance company will offer you next to nothing for your injuries, pain… Read more »


Paralyzed!   Every so often you get a case that makes you want to cry because of the underlying circumstances. This is one of those stories involving a Workers Compensation case. Our client was a young male with a wife and three children, and he was an illegal alien. They lived in an apartment in… Read more »


MEDICAL TREATMENT AND SUBROGATION Any party who has a work-related injury and is treating through workers compensation should not incur any medical expenses, or out-of-pocket expenses. All treatment sessions, prescriptions, and costs going to and from appointments should be picked up by workers compensation. If the injured party is treating with doctors provided by workers… Read more »


PERMANENT PARTIAL DISABILITY Permanent partial disability benefits also are a benefit covered in workers compensation claims. Permanent partial disability benefits are paid out at the end of a workers compensation claim once the injured worker is at what the law calls “maximum medical improvement” meaning that doctors have exhausted their remedies and there is nothing… Read more »

Colorado Workers Compensation Laws part 2

Temporary and Total Disability One of the benefits to which an injured worker is entitled an are temporary total disability benefits,  which are paid out while the Workers Compensation claim is ongoing. This means that if the workers compensation doctor completely restricts the injured worker from working, or puts on light duty restrictions with which… Read more »

Colorado Workers Compensation Law

WORKERS COMPENSATION IS NO-FAULT Claims made in connection with injuries incurred at work under the Colorado workers compensation system differ from other types of injury cases because there is no need to prove that the injury was caused as the result of the fault or negligence of another person or entity. This means that an… Read more »

Contentious Lawsuit in Motorcycle Accident Heads to Sacramento Jury

We found this article very interesting.  We did not write it.  We just re-posted it. A Sacramento Superior Court jury is attempting to decide who is responsible for a motorcycle accident that left a passenger with brain injuries – Harley-Davidson and one of its dealers or the driver who crashed the motorcycle. The contentious issue… Read more »

Uninsured motorist coverage vs. Underinsured motorist coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage vs. underinsured motorist coverage This week we are going to talk about underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage. We will look at why this coverage is important to have and how these provisions can be utilized in the event that you are in an accident.  Since these coverages are not expensive but are… Read more »

Case Closed

On December 6th, associate attorney Robin Scully obtained a very favorable settlement under some very tough circumstances. The case arose out of a late night rollover car accident in Adams County. Mintz Law Firm’s client (our “Client”) was with 3 friends at a house party in the early hours of May 30th, 2010. One of… Read more »

Workers Compensation 101

The intersection of Workers Compensation claims with 3rd party claims against the out fault person arising from the scene incident. A great number of injuries occur while the tort victim is on the job. While the Workers compensation act barrs claims against employers, and co-employees it does allow a claim against an at fault person… Read more »