Many people in our society are nervous and hesitant to hire a personal injury attorney when in need of legal help. People will hear about high hourly rates that a personal injury lawyer may charge and are afraid to end up in debt, even if they have been injured and are in need of legal advice and medical assistance.

This is a highly stressful and overall difficult situation for a person to be in no matter what age, ethnicity or gender. Imagine yourself in a position where you have been injured by another person through no fault of your own, cannot afford medical treatment, and are fearful that you will not be able to afford a accident attorney.

  • Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Contingency Fee Basis

  • Time Limits for Filing a Personal Injury Claim

  • We Can Help!

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney:
At the Mintz Law Firm, LLC we understand the difficulties of being injured and not knowing where to turn. WE CAN HELP! We offer our services to our clients on a Contingency Fee Basis. This particular arrangement means that we do not charge our clients anything upfront, we do not charge our clients hourly for our services, and we do not bill our clients at any point during their personal injury claim. Our personal injury lawyers receive our fees at the end of the claim after the client has agreed to, and is comfortable with, a settlement amount. Most importantly, if the client does not receive compensation, we do not receive compensation. The client’s best interest is truly our major concern, as what benefits the client also benefits our personal injury law firm. A member from our law firm will sit down and go over this agreement in detail with the client at the time our representation begins.

Contingency Fee Basis:
The Mintz Law Firm will not charge a client to come in and meet with one of our personal injury lawyers even if we are unable to assist them in their matter. Also, since we do not bill our clients hourly, we will never charge a client to speak with their personal injury attorney or paralegal. If a client needs to meet with their car accident attorney, paralegal, or other staff member at our office for any reason they will not be billed for that service. This allows for our staff to build rapport with our clients and also allows us to keep accurate and updated information of our clients. Our clients can be confident that they will never be charged for calling our office to give us a status update on treatment or letting us know of a concern they have with their case.

If you have been injured and are in need of legal counsel or know of someone who has been injured and may be in need of legal help or if you just have questions about how to obtain a personal injury lawyer to help you with your injuries, please do not hesitate to call our personal injury attorneys at the Mintz Law Firm, LLC. You will not be charged for the call and we will do everything in our power to assist you with your Legal needs. We can eliminate much of the added stress that a person deals with after they have been injured. We will deal with the insurance companies and medical providers and do all the ground work so the client can focus their attention on treatment and making sure they are in good health.

Time limits for filing a personal injury claim:
There are specific time limits for a person to file a car accident claim in personal injury cases so if you or someone you know has been injured then please call today and let us help you.

For more information regarding your personal injury claim fill out one of the contact forms or visit our home page here:  1-800-4injury or 303-462-2999.

For answers to your personal injury case please visit our personal injury FAQ pertaining to your accident here.


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