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Here are some Frequently Asked Question categories about Colorado injury claims. Please select one of the topics to view FAQ’s related to the specific type of accident claim you may have along with answers to those questions provided by our personal injury and workers compensation lawyers at the Mintz Law Firm:

Trucking Accidents

We offer our services to our clients on a Contingency Fee basis. This particular arrangement means that we do not charge our clients anything upfront, we do not charge our clients hourly for our services, and we do not bill our clients at any point during their personal injury claim. We receive our fees at the end of the claim after the client has agreed to, and is comfortable with, a settlement amount. Most importantly, if the client does not receive compensation, we do not receive compensation. To learn more about how a contingency fee works, click here.

The Mintz Law Firm, LLC has the capability of handling cases outside of Colorado. In fact some of our clients are from Colorado residents that have been injured in a motor vehicle accident originating in another state, or vice versa. We have also settled many Workers Compensation cases for our clients in other states.

The Mintz Law Firm is located at 605 Parfet Street in Lakewood, Colorado. It is conveniently on the North West corner of 6th Avenue and Parfet Street on the North side of the highway frontage road. You can exit Kipling or Simms to access the frontage road.