Personal Injury Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle AccidentThe attorneys of the Mintz Law Firm highly suggest you speak with an experienced Colorado personal injury lawyer before you settle your motorcycle accident claim.

Insurance companies and personal injury attorneys know that injured victims that negotiate directly with an insurance company get substantially less for their personal injury claim settlement. Studies by independent research companies and studies performed by the insurance companies themselves, have also confirmed this fact.

A highly respected Rand study indicated that people who retain motorcycle accident lawyers receive more than four times the amount of insurance settlements as those who negotiate directly with their insurance companies.

You need a Colorado motorcycle accident attorney who knows how to prove your case and maximize the value of your motorcycle accident injury claim.

Our personal injury lawyers know what it is like to be on a motorcycle. There is significant prejudice against motorcyclists as being, “reckless”, just because you are on two wheels. At the Mintz Law Firm our attorneys know that most motorcyclists actually are extremely cautious, focused and alert because their lives depend on it. The predominate cause of motorcycle and automobile collisions is that the automobile driver failed to see the motorcycle in traffic. In fact, intersections are the most likely place for a motorcycle accident, with the car impeding the motorcycle’s right of way and causing the collision.

The Colorado motorcycle accident lawyers at the Mintz Law Firm have a reputation with the insurance companies for building strong evidence and cases for our clients. Because of our attorneys experience and the determination to fight for our client’s rights to fair settlement and being able to get you to the correct doctors who will order the diagnostic testing and medical treatment necessary for your recovery, we have a reputation and with our experience, we settle 99% of our cases without going to trial.

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