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Our Promise

“We Shoot Straight with Our Clients and Are Available”

On many occasions clients do not even know what questions to ask an attorney regarding their situation. Our personal injury attorneys at the Mintz Law Firm, explain in English or Spanish if necessary, the important issues surrounding your case and how our firm is going to handle those issues. We will also explain to our clients why it is important to either go to trial or to settle.

If you have questions, we have answers. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ’s) for additional information. Here is a list of our most general FAQ’s that may help you and your case.

Customer ServiceWE CALL OUR CLIENTS BACKMintz Law Firm, LLC is contacted frequently by people who are currently represented by legal counsel, but have been unable to reach their car accident attorney for whatever reasons. The clients have not received return phone calls to advise them of the status of their claim, or to see if the client has any concerns regarding their claim. We assure that such callers will receive a phone call within 24-hours to answer their questions, and if those questions are not answered the client has additional points of contacts they can reach if their lawyer is out of the office.

At Mintz Law Firm, LLC we have a strict policy of always being available for our clients.
It sometimes seems that the lack of timely communication is endemic in the legal industry. It is hard to understand why communication poses a problem elsewhere, because at Mintz Law Firm, LLC we have are always being available for our clients. What this means is that if we cannot take a call from a client at the time it comes in, we return that call within a short period of time. Because we are well staffed with knowledgeable and well trained personal injury lawyers, we respond to your call timely it comes in.

We are well staffed with knowledgeable and well trained car accident attorneys and we respond to your call at the time it comes in. It is also true that often time’s clients do not understand the issues in their claim and therefore do not know what questions to ask. Because our personal injury attorneys explain in detail what the issues are and what evidence is going to be necessary to help us represent the client on those issues, the clients are usually able to ask the pertinent questions early on in the case and have time to think about the answers in case other questions arise. Our car accident attorneys in Denver have seen elsewhere is that the client is given all of the information regarding their claim at the time a settlement offer is made and given very little time to assimilate and consolidate the information so that an informed and reasonable decision can be made by the client. Our personal injury lawyers at the Mintz Law Firm do not only explain the issues and answer questions but provide alternative strategies and our best estimate of where those alternative strategies will eventually bring the client with respect to the compensation paid and the time it takes to get that compensation.

Client TestimonialWe believe in treating clients the way we would like to be treated. It is true that by explaining items thoroughly from the beginning of the case gives clients a clear and precise view of their claim during the course of our representation. Our motor-vehicle accident attorneys simply consider this to be the proper way to do our business. Our injury lawyers in Denver believe in maintaining client contact and the firm operates in a customer first business-model. This model means the firm will provide all information we have pertaining to a client, to that client, and answering any questions which arise as a result of that information being relayed to the client.

If you have questions or want to discuss your case with one of our personal injury attorneys in Lakewood, please fill out one of the contact forms or visit our home page.