Settlements, Verdicts and Judgments

Recent Personal Injury Cases Show Outstanding Results

GavelThe Mintz Law Firm is a very well established personal injury law firm specialized in accident and injury cases. Our firm has been in existence for over (30) thirty years and has received top results for thousands of injured clients. We have a team of successful personal injury attorney’s committed to personal attention, fast action and aggressive representation.

The following are notable, Settlements, Verdicts and Judgments which the Colorado personal injury lawyers at Mintz Law Firm LLC, have been awarded or negotiated for their clients:

“Results Speak Louder than Words”

Case Type: Workers’ Compensation/ Construction Accident

Client Stats: Adult Male

Description: Our client was catastrophically injured while at work by an outside company. This construction worker was severely hurt while doing his job on a high-rise tower in Denver, Colorado. The horrifying accident left our client paralyzed from the waist down. He is a young construction worker with a life expectancy of another 49 years. He has three children and a wife. His life will never be the same, he will never work again. In this particular case our personal injury law firm was dedicated not only to our client but also to his family. We fought hard at every interval to ensure our client would be taken care of not only financially, but medically. Our entire firm became familiar with this case and knew the client and family on a first name basis. When the client affirmed his satisfaction with our efforts and an agreeable settlement amount, we diligently secured that amount for our client. We were able to have our client’s medicals considered and preceded with settlement. Our client and his family are now able to have some comfort despite the unfortunate occurrence which injured him. Although his life has been changed forever and he will never physically be the same, he can now at least live comfortably financially and medically for the rest of his life.

Settlement: $2.7 Million

Case Type: Medical Malpractice

Client Stats: Middle-Aged Adult Female

Description: A previous female client underwent a radical mastectomy on both breasts. After the results of her biopsy she was told by her OB/GYN that she had breast cancer. She was then referred to another doctor who later explained to her that her previous doctors had made a medical mistake. She did not end up having cancer in the end. The doctors failed to read the medical report in its entirety before telling the client she had breast cancer, and before preforming a major surgery. Our client suffered invasive surgery that was not needed and greatly impacted her life. The opening offer was made at a insufficient and unfair amount, the medical malpractice lawyers at Mintz Law Firm recognized the issues in the case and got her compensated awards of 450K.

Settlement: $450,000.00

Case Type: Premises Liability

Client Stats: Male Youth, Age 9 – (21 years old when case settled)

Description: Our Client and his brother were on the premises at their friend’s house. All three children were playing together on a trampoline. It was clearly instructed that only one child at a time was to be on the trampoline. They young boy who lived on the premises tried to jump over our client, however ended up landing on our clients right ankle. Our client suffered a severe fracture and many surgeries over several years. When the client became an adult calculating the Statute of Limitations as two years from the date that the client became an adult, the personal injury lawsuit must be filled before the two years expired. The premises liability lawyers at Mintz Law Firm were very dedicated in getting the client what he deserved, good treatment and 300K.

Settlement: $300,000.00

Case Type: Pedestrian Accident

Client Stats: Adult Female

 Description:  Our client was crossing the street on the crosswalk, on the signal. She was struck by an elderly man who was making a right turn. Our client flipped over the hood onto the pavement. She was then run over by this man. The local police department responded and cited the driver who ran over our client. She was taken to the hospital and had an emergency surgery, this woman’s legs and ankles were shattered, requiring metal hardware to be put in place, her heal was also completely shattered. She had an extended hospital stay, multiple surgeries, and will have an extensive road to recovery. The medical bills incurred in this motor vehicle accident were over double the amount of the applicable coverage available. The client would have been in serious debt; however, the Colorado personal injury attorneys at Mintz Law Firm negotiated all charges to make sure the client received compensation for her damages.

Settlement: $150,000.00

Case Type: Car Accident

Client Stats:  Adult Female

Description: Our client was a passenger in vehicle which was involved in a horrific automobile accident in Northern Colorado. The driver lost control of the vehicle, causing the motor vehicle accident, and rolling the vehicle which was completely totaled. Our client was rushed to the hospital by helicopter where emergency surgeries had to be performed. Our client suffered from a broken leg, a broken sternum, and went through over ten hours of surgery. After speaking with other firms the client decided that the car accident lawyers at the Mintz Law Firm were best suited to handle this case for her. The insurance companies did not want to provide coverage for our client; however with thorough investigation of the automobile accident claim the Colorado personal injury attorneys at the Mintz Law Firm were able to secure a settlement for our client in excess of $300,000.00.

Settlement: $300,000.00