Southern Colorado

The founder of Mintz Law Firm, David J. Mintz, has represented injured people in Southern Colorado for over thirty-five (35) years.  Managing Attorney, Eric C. Staton, has over fifteen (15) years of experience in Colorado, and the firm’s combined legal experience is over two hundred fifty (250) years between the firm’s ten (10) attorneys. Mintz Law Firm represents plaintiffs who have been injured from auto accidentsdog bitesslip and fall accidents, suffered the wrongful death of a family member, or have workers’ compensation claims.

Our law firm services the entire state of Colorado; we regularly have staff members and investigators traveling throughout the Interstate 25 corridor in the Colorado Springs-Fountain areas, Pueblo, Walsenburg, and Trinidad. We also often make trips up Pikes Peak on US 24 to Woodland Park, Cripple Creek, Fairplay, and on US 50 in Cañon City, Salida, Gunnison, La Junta, Rocky Ford, and Lamar.

Insurance companies know our firm is made up of pros and that we know which cases to settle and which to take to trial. Motor vehicle accidents and on the job injuries can be difficult to document and value because of complicated issues, both legal and medical, so having access to a reputable firm well thought of by the insurance company is crucial for persons who have been injured in a car accident or have incurred a work related injury to get all the compensation to which they are due in a settlement.

Drivers and local businesses from smaller communities typically buy their insurance policies from the same large corporations as residents and businesses in urban areas. When a person gets injured the insurance companies treat that person as a claim number to be settled out as quickly and cheaply as possible, and not a real person, regardless of how local or friendly the insurance agent who sold the policy may be. The agent does not get to make any decision on how a claim is going to be handled, which is typically done by an adjuster at the home office. The insurance adjuster the injured party will have to deal with will usually not be from the same community as the injured person, and will have access to many more resources than the injured person so it is imperative to even out the playing field by hiring a personal injury or workers’ compensation lawyer with resources and networks of experts.

Our office can meet injured workers, car accident victims, or other victims who have incurred personal injury in their homes or any place of convenience for the client, and are available in the evenings and on the weekends. By doing so our office allows individuals from Colorado’s smaller communities to have access to an experienced metro area law firm with all the resources to handle your case, and we have helped thousands of people in the Southern Colorado region over the last three decades. Please see our testimonial page to view clients in your area who went through accident related injuries and received a favorable outcome.

If a Colorado personal injury attorney at Mintz Law Firm takes your case, our office is confident that we will obtain the compensation/money to which you are entitled. Mintz Law Firm operates on a contingency fee basis, so the firm does not get paid and the client does not owe any fees unless our office obtains that compensation/money for the client.