Satisfied Customers

“Eli, you didn’t simply win my case, wow, I want to say you guys helped to change my life but man does that sound cheesy, lol. For real though, that’s pretty much what you guys did. Will was there when that insurance guy came and he is just awesome. And I remember Miss De La Cruz (hope I got that right) answering an email over the weekend so I never felt in the dark about anything  ever. Your team is incredible and I just wanted to give a huge thanks to all of you.”

- Cynthia S.

“I want to take this opportunity to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. All I ever wanted was to be fairly treated, both medically and financially in this matter. I also realize my situation created some challenges taking work out of state. You were always honest and forthright, on how and what to expect, kept pushing through the ugliness of the work comp system, all to bring this to closure. The way this system treats people is abhorrent and disgraceful. Throughout this process you helped me maintain hope that something fair would result in the end. Wishing you the best of health and happiness for you and yours.”

- David J.

“I love the Mintz Law Firm! I loved the personal injury attorney and paralegal that worked on my case for me. Hiring the Mintz Law Firm relieved so much stress from my life. I have a whole new life now and am moving to Michigan. Everything has completely changed and my depression has gone away. Thank You Mr. Mintz!”

- Judita

“I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and the Colorado accident lawyers at the Mintz Law Firm. The staff was always helpful, available and extremely friendly. Anytime I had any questions or concerns I was always responded to promptly. Every detail of my case was discussed with me and I was always informed on the happenings of my case. I did not have any further harassing phone calls from the insurance company. After hiring the motor vehicle accident attorneys at the Mintz Law Firm my stress from the accident completely went away. Thank you Mr. Mintz!”

- Stephanie

“I nearly cut off my hand while working a saw, and was afraid I would lose my hand. I tried many personal injury attorneys but they all turned me down…my medical costs were getting worse and didn’t know how to pay for my treatment or where to go- until I found the Mintz Law Firm. Unlike the other law firms I visited, David Mintz treated me like a member of the family. I knew I was in good “hands.” Specialists in personal injury claims, the Mintz Law Firm helped me get medical treatment and I walked away with enough money to cover my future medical care. The lawyers who handled my case were knowledgeable and efficient- now my hand is in good condition and I can get back to work. I never had any experience with a firm prior to Mintz but I would never consider trusting anyone else with my injuries!”

- Johnny