Personal Injury Trucking Accidents

 Given the size and weight of commercial vehicles, even a minor accident can cause severe injuries.

 Commercial Trucks and You:
How a little accident can have a big impact on your life.

Truck AccidentIf you, or someone close to you, has been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle such as a bob-tail semi, an eighteen wheeler/tractor-trailer, or other large vehicle, you probably need an advocate who can explain what obligations and responsibilities lie where, the nuances of the Colorado laws applicable to the incident, and/or who can coordinate your medical evaluation and medical treatment so it is documented well for legal purposes; and who can fight to ensure you and/or your loved ones get the treatment they need and the insurance benefits to which they are entitled to cover any financial losses and pain and suffering.

The experienced Colorado Truck Accident Attorneys at Mintz Law Firm can make the difference.

pain and sufferingIf You Were Hurt In A Truck Accident, We Can Help With:



Pain & Suffering:

The lawyers at the Mintz Law Firm have handled many cases involving commercial vehicles. Their experience could mean the difference between recovering fully and being left with a legacy of staggering medical bills accompanied by life-long injuries.

Insurance Claims:
Large, commercial vehicles like buses, trash trucks and tractor-trailers pose greater risks to other travelers when traveling on Colorado’s roads and highways, due to their size and the weight differential with other vehicles. When these vehicles get into accidents, there is the potential for catastrophic injuries and death. For that reason, these vehicles carry very large policy limits on their liability insurance policies. The insurance companies who cover the owners of these vehicles have a vested interest in not paying claims at all often for ridiculous or no good reasons, or paying as little as they can get away with to people who don’t really realize or document the full value of their claims against the owners and drivers of such vehicles.
Did you know that after an accident involving a commercial vehicle, trucking companies often immediately dispatch an insurance representative to the scene of the accident?


Medical Bills:
They do this so they can confront accident victims straight away, often in the hopes of getting statements they can use against the person later and/or to offer them small amounts of money immediately if the victim agrees not to contact a lawyer. When you are most emotionally vulnerable, the insurance company likes to get the upper hand.

Punitive Damages:
With over thirty (30) years of protecting our clients in such circumstances, David Mintz and the other attorneys at Mintz Law Firm know how to handle the circumstances whatever they are, and Mintz Law Firm offers free consultations to people whose lives have been changed due to the negligence of truck drivers and the owners of trucks and trucking companies. The Mintz Law Firm’s motto is “we shoot straight with our clients” which means the lawyers get their clients the information they need to make informed decisions as quickly as possible; the firm also fights as hard as possible to ensure clients’ rights are protected.

Because these vehicles take longer to brake and are not as easy to handle in emergency situations, and often because the drivers are either not properly trained or too tired to drive safely, accidents involving commercial vehicles present one of the most serious dangers on the road in Colorado.

Lost Wages:
Without a doubt, the injuries stemming from a collision with a truck can be life-altering and impact the injured person and their family. The suffering doesn’t stop at the scene of the accident. As medical bills mount and income diminishes because you can’t get back to work, and your physical and emotional well-being are harmed, resolving claims early is not always the best way to go. Call us at 1-800-4injury (446-5879) or 303-462-2999 for a free consultation.

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